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Summer Term

Welcome back to our final term this year. 

In History this term we will be finding out about local famous people from the past.  The children will bring home a knowledge organiser for them to keep at home to help learn the vocabulary they need for the topic as well as a few facts. 

In science we will be learning about different types of animals and how we  classify them they will also get a knowledge organiser for this subject and it would be really helpful if you could look at this with them at home as well. 


We will continue with the mini projects homework grid.  If you run out of things to try please let me know and I will add a few extra ideas. 


Our book for English is Where the Wild Things Are. We will be exploring descriptive language and creating our own fantasy stories. 


Our PE lessons this term will be on Monday and Tuesday and the children will be learning new skills for striking and fielding as well as playing kick rounders. 


In DT this term we will be finding out about vegetables and fruits so that we can make our own recipe smoothies. 


Thank you again for all your support.


Mrs McKee 


Music - 'Your Imagination' with Charange

The children created a whole class composition to the melody of 'Your Imagination' using notes: A, G, E. D & C.  Good job Koalas!smiley


Computing - Introduction to Coding 21st April 2021

Koalas begun to learn all about coding today and to understand for something to happen, it needs to follow clear instructions! They began to build instructions using code cards to move bubbles.  Well Done Koalas!