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Summer Term

Science - Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

This term, we have stepped into the wonderful world of flowers! We explored the the part flowers play in the life cycle of a flowering plant and the relationship between flowers and bees (plus other insects).  We discovered that flowers transform into fruits and seeds through pollination and fertilisation with the help from bees and other insects. Did you know you can classify fruits into different groups?  We put the fruits into groups based on their similarities or differences: juicy and soft, edible, non-edible, light and fluffy, hard outer shell, one seed, many seeds, scratchy and spikey!

Our investigations took us further into how seeds dispersed from the parent plant.  Seeds can be  dispersed by wind, water, shaking, eaten and bursting. We investigated wind dispersal by making paper-copters and tested different versions of weight and size to find the best flier.

Investigation of seed dispersal by wind by making paper-copters in paper and card.

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Investigation of wind dispersal by testing different sized paper-copters.

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Science - Plants (Roots and Shoots)

We discovered and classified the different parts of plants people eat: roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruit and seeds. We know the difference between fruit and vegetables (fruit is fleshy and encloses the seed or seeds).We then made close observations to draw sections of different fruits. 

We set up an investigation to check how water is transported (move) through plants by staining water with three different food dyes: yellow. blue and red.

In the yellow and blue dyed water, we put some white flowers and in the red coloured water, celery.  Fingers crossed, we get red celery!


We acted out how the villagers felt during the winter season in our class book -  'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells.

Science - Plants (Roots and Shoots)

This term the Year 3s will be looking at  Plants, particularly roots and shoots.  They begun the topic by setting up a plant growth investigation to test the theories on what plants need to grow strong and healthy: warmth, soil, air, space, light and water.