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St Sebastian's CofE Primary School

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  • Give our children knowledge of the ancient Latin language in order to enable them to make links with other global languages. Latin is a language that has formed the basis for many modern languages and the English we predominantly speak today.
  • For our children to understand where our language has originated from and how it has developed over the years
  • To give children a strong base for the next stage in their education and the future learning of more modern foreign languages. This will open up new ways of thinking and understanding of these languages including those learnt at local secondary schools such as German, Spanish and French which will enable them to become effective communicators
  • Enable children to make strong links with grammar and spelling therefore helping their reading and writing to also improve across all subject areas. Professionals feel that Latin helps with sentence structure and with knowledge of word placement within sentences. It will give our children a solid understanding of nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives which are used daily, along with many other aspects of writing
  • Give children a broad and balanced curriculum that is coherent, structured and interwoven, linking and extending knowledge learnt in other subjects, such as history and maths.
  • For all children to gain confidence of the world around them, widen their horizons and develop acceptance of other cultures and places.
  • Enable children to understand more complex vocabulary in their everyday lives and learning, giving them more opportunities for self-fulfilment and becoming enquiring learners
  • To help children them to celebrate languages they use themselves and aid them with communication and verbal precision.