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Summer Term

Music - Rock 'n' Roll

Practising walking bass lines on the glockenspiels to go with

'Rock Around the Clock' for our music unit.

(A bass line has a low pitch and is the lowest part of the music. It creates rhythm, as well as harmony with the chords. This adds to the texture of the music.)


Penguins collected invertebrates from around the local area for classification as part of 'Living Things and their Habitats' science topic.

Art and Design

Penguins created a 3D fish soap sculpture, using tools and their hands to carve, model and refine their fish sculptures.


Penguins interviewed a plague victim, Mr Parnham, in readiness for planning their playscripts.


Penguins were thinking about the Kingdom of God; what makes a good leader or a bad leader? The children practised being leaders of different types and gave orders to others, then they decided if they were good or bad!

English – testing out and exploring different playscripts, acting parts out, which ones were good and why?

Design Technology

This term's DT project is about building summer pavilions, we used sweets and cocktail sticks to explore structures and shapes and how different frames could be built.