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Phonics & Tricky Words

Children have now learnt their first phonemes and graphemes in phonics. Each night on Monday to Thursday, children will bring home practice books. It is really important that children practice saying the phonemes (sounds) and practicing the grapheme (written letter) every night this ensures that we are giving children the best chance possible at keeping up with their phonics learning. Please ensure when practicing the sound it is being produced correctly. (e.g. 'sssss' not 's-uh') as this will better support children's blending.


Children are now reading at least three times a week at school in reading groups, within their group children will read the same book 3 times with each lesson having a different focus. Session 1 is all about decoding, this means breaking down the sounds in words and then blending them. Session 2 focus is prosody, this is when expression is added to reading. Finally session 3 has a focus on comprehension, this is when children will answer questions on the text they have been reading this week. After children have completed the 3 reading sessions at school children will bring the book home for a week to practice with parents. It is really important that you read with your child everyday as this will give them the best chance of developing fluent reading by the end of reception. 


If you have any questions or would like anymore support on how you can support children's phonics at home, please do not hesitate to talk to Miss Cant who will be happy to show you or talk you through anything. 

Please see the website link below for more information about the phonics scheme we are using in school; Little Wandle Letters and Sounds.