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St Sebastian's CofE Primary School

Together in Faith, We Aspire to Achieve Excellence

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  • Lessons build on prior knowledge and link to future learning
  • Clear progressive, knowledge based curriculum adapted from the ‘You, Me. PSHE’ and Kapow schemes.
  • Elaborative questioning to challenge pupils to apply their learning in a range of ways and reflect on their thinking.
  • Trips and visits to enhance knowledge and understanding
  • High expectations of writing in PSHE and RSE matching that of English
  • High expectations in the quality of discussion, responses and work produced
  • A large emphasis on the ‘bigger picture’ of PSHE and RSE, encouraging children to find answers for the questions that they raise.
  • Recording of learning for recap and progression in floor books.
  • Specify key vocabulary to be used and its meaning.
  • Provide opportunities for the children to work interactively with the teacher acting as the facilitator.
  • Opportunities for curriculum adaption and challenge, pre-teaching and interventions for those children who may require it, including those with SEN, throughout a topic or prior to a new topic being taught.