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Autumn Term 1 Homework Grid

Here is the homework bingo grid for Autumn Term 1.

Create a skeleton and label as many bones as you can.

This could be a drawing or something more creative and 3D.

One of the books we are reading this term is ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’

Create a piece of work that links to the book. (a front cover design, what’s through the wardrobe, character designs…)

Mrs Copson’s Reading challenge!

To read at least 3 books before October half term and take a picture of you reading them.

I wonder who will read the most books???

Create a fact file about the Stone Age.

Design (or even cook) a healthy meal and tell me why it’s healthy.

Draw, design or even make s

some of your own stone age tools.



Homework Projects for Autumn Term 1