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Summer Term 2 Homework Grid

Grow your own Plant.



Create a fact file about someone who inspires you!

(Famous or not)

Build a Fort.



Make and create a healthy recipe

Create a Roman mosaic


Mr Epton’s Challenge - Make a Roman shield.

Homework Projects

Annie's Homework - Make and Create a Healthy Recipe

Annie's healthy creation was a Smoothie Bowl. 

Ingredients included: 

  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Ice
  • Natural yogurt
  • Banana
  • Granola on top

Sounds a perfect healthy meal to start the day. Well Done, Annie.




Summer Term 1 Homework Grid

Make your own river.

Get creative with magnets!


The Water Cycle.

Family/Friendship Tree

How many times table can you learn?

Mrs Copson’s Challenge.

Can you complete the following:

  • Paddle in a stream/paddling pool
  • Play a board game
  • Visit the library
  • Make something from nature

Summer Term Homework Projects

Spring Term 2 Homework Grid

Spring Term 2

Our new English book is called ‘The Street beneath my feet’

Create an underground habitat or find out about animals that live underground.

What is Lincolnshire known for???

Create a poster, fact file or even some food!

Recreate a picture or painting from a famous artist that uses basic shapes.

Create a mini Easter Garden.

Who are you?

Put together a fact file, booklet or ‘who am I poster/board with facts about you and your family/friends, maybe even add some pictures.

Mrs Copson’s Challenge.

Bake or cook something for or with your family.


Spring Term 1

Our new English book is called ‘Star in the Jar’ and so please could you draw, make, design or sew some stars?



Make, create or draw a famous landmark from somewhere in Europe to link with our Geography topic.



Our music lessons this term focus on Chinese New Year so make or draw something from China. You could even make/eat some Chinese food.


In Science we are exploring rocks and fossils. How about paint some rocks, create/make something out of rocks or even creating a volcano!

Make up your own dance routine. You could show your friends or the class or even send in a video of you teaching you family.



Mrs Copson’s Challenge.

Find out how many countries there are in Europe. How many can you name?



Homework Projects for Autumn Term

Autumn Term Homework Grid

Autumn Term 2

Our science topic is light so maybe you could design or even make something that includes using a light???

Draw, design or make a Christmas decoration.


Draw, design or make a Bronze age house or shelter.

Draw, design or make a Muslim Mosque.


Draw, design or make some Iron Age style jewellery.


Mrs Copson’s Challenge.

Try or learn something new!!!


Autumn Term 1 

Create a skeleton and label as many bones as you can.

This could be a drawing or something more creative and 3D.

One of the books we are reading this term is ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’

Create a piece of work that links to the book. (a front cover design, what’s through the wardrobe, character designs…)

Mrs Copson’s Reading challenge!

To read at least 3 books before October half term and take a picture of you reading them.

I wonder who will read the most books???

Create a fact file about the Stone Age.

Design (or even cook) a healthy meal and tell me why it’s healthy.

Draw, design or even make s

some of your own stone age tools.