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Autumn Term 1 - Homework Grid

Please choose one mini project to complete every two weeks. The project can be presented in anyway you like—the more creative the better! Completed projects will be displayed either in the classroom or on our online class page. If you have a digital submission, please email it to

All children should also read for 10-15 minutes each night and a parent or carer should fill out the reading record.

Thank you.

Imagine you are exploring space! Can you write a diary entry about your travels. What can you see?

Can you make a Cosmic meal with the help of an adult?

What food do you think Aliens would like?

Can you design your own planet? What is it called? What does it look like?

Can you make a model?

Can you create a song or pneumonic to help you to remember the order of the planets?

Can you make your own model of the Solar System? Remember to include all of the planets.

Sing the Hopscotch planets song to one of the people in your household.

Can you research the sun and create a poster about our home star?

Can you write a kit list for an astronaut that is about to go into space?

Can you create a dance about the planets in our solar system?

Research and write a short biography about a famous astronaut or Astro-physicist (Tim Peak/Galileo)!

Can you design your own space outfit, using lots of different materials. Think carefully about the colours and textures.

Create a picture of a rocket, using collage materials.

What colour will your rocket be?