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Homework Grid Bingo!

Homework and Projects Spring Term 2021

Below you will find a bingo grid with homework projects related to our Spring Topic of ‘Rainforests’ plus some additional tasks:

  • The children can choose to complete as many of the projects as they wish to. The recommended hand in would be every 2 weeks on a Friday, beginning Friday the 15th  of January. The tasks have been designed to complement what the children are learning in school.
  • You can choose to complete the tasks in any order.
  • How you present the information/finished work is up to you, but it will be suitable for keeping in your project journal (A4). Those who choose to complete projects using various digital formats will need to print out their final versions so they can be added to their journals.  Electronic copies can be emailed to
  • The children may choose to complete their work using the various Purple Mash tools that are available through the website (Writing frames, painting, drawing etc.)
  • Work needs to be well presented and of a Key Stage 2 standard.

Create a picture of a tropical rainforest and include at least 6 animals that would live there.

Listen to a piece of music you

really like. Write down what you like about it, what parts are there to the song? What instruments can you hear?

Write a short story for a year 3 & 4 audience about someone getting lost in the rainforest!

Create a collage using fruit and vegetables.

Keep a diary of the birds you have spotted in your garden. Use the internet to help you identify them Make an information text detailing where the rainforests are in the world.
Create a fact file of a rainforest animal.

Cook your favourite meal and take a picture of it!  (Do Not use the cooker without adult assistance!)

Draw and label a diagram of the 4 layers of the rainforest.