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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2

Tigers' Rudy's Run 16th November 2021 in aid of St. Barnabas Hospice

Prehistoric Art


The Penguins have created some cave art from this terms prehistoric art topic which links beautifully to our History topic on The Stone Age.

We used flour, herbs and spices, charcoal and paint to create some wonderful art. It was super messy and super fun!!!

Cave Art

The children created a piece of collaborative cave art using positive and negative handprints.


'Open the Box'

Jennie Fytche came in today to do a ‘Open the Box’ story to promote, awe, wonder and curiosity. Today the starfish got washed up on the beach and the hot sun was pouring down… the children worked together to solve this problem, re looked at the story and shared their thoughts and ideas. What a kind and thoughtful bunch of children we have.

Cave Art - Linked to History and Art Topic

This is our experience day for our book ‘Stone Age Boy’ about a boy who finds himself back in pre history and finding all about what it was like to live in Stone Age times.

Science: Light - exploring transparent. opaque and reflective materials.

History - The Stones Ages. We have created some fantastic stone age villages.

Autumn Term 1


We made some origami boats to start off our new writing project on following instructions. We then used our boats in a breathing exercise to calm our minds. As we breathed in and out, our little boats rocked on the tummy oceans. How lovely.

Drama - Some dramatic tension between Edmund and the White Witch from 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe' Great characterisation everyone.

Homework Projects for Autumn Term 1

Homework Projects for Autumn Term 1 are coming in thick and fast, please click on the link to see the pictures:  

Tigers' Homework Projects for Autumn Term