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Wolves – Year 5/6

Welcome to Wolves Class 2017-2018


Summer Term

2017-2018 Year 6 Leavers from St Sebastian's

A video montage of 2017/2018 Year 6 leavers, who started their primary school career in September 2011.

2017-2018 Year 6 Leavers

A movie made by the Year 6 Leavers

Year 6 at PGL 6th July 2016 - Courage, Friendship and Aspiration

Year 6 children showing the School's Values through PGL activities - Courage, Friendship and Aspiration.

Year 6 at PGL 6th July 2018

Year 6 Lincoln Cathedral Festival - Tuesday, 12th June 2018

7th June 2018 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park Workshop

Spring Term

Literacy - can I write an alternative narrative

Still image for this video
Based on Amy Hest's book 'When Jessie Came Across the Sea', the children wrote a narrative from another main character's point of view

Science - Marble Maze Activity: Problem Solving

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Design and create a 'Marble Maze' using various materials to that the marble takes as long as possible to roll, without stopping, from the top to the bottom of the slope.

An Investigation - Which shoes have the best grip?

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An open investigation to promote challenge and thinking.

Samba Drum Workshop - Monday, 22nd January 2018

Science - investigating forces - air resistance and gravity

Autumn Term 

Science - 'Don't Crack the Egg' Challenge

KS2 Science - 'Don't Crack the Egg' Challenge


KS2 Science - 'Don't Crack the Egg' Challenge

The Winners of the 'Don't Crack the Egg' Challenge

The winners explaining the challenge and how they achieved the objective.

Numeracy - Convert between grams and kilograms

Literacy - Performance Poetry

Literacy- Performance Poetry

Literacy - Performance Poetry

History WWII - 'Make Do and Mend' learning how to darn

Science - Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. Propagation of plants by leaf and stem cuttings.

History - World War II Battle of Britain PE Game - Britain v Germany. A Navy ship (scooter) helped by retrieving ammunition.

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