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Spring Term

Year 6 CPG Revision - Spring 2 

Week 1 - hand-in date 2/3/20

Grammar - pg 39 (Active and Passive)


Week 2 

Maths - pg 55 -57 - Units and Conversions and Time (hand in date 5/3/20)

Grammar -  pg 2 - 4 - Nouns, singular and plural nouns, types of nouns (hand-in date 9/3/20)

Reading - The Baking Battle - Fact Retrieval Questions (pg 7), Inference Questions (pg 8-9) (hand in date - 10/3/20)


Week 3 

Maths - Ordering numbers (pg 2 -3) and Negative Numbers (pg 4) - (hand in date 13/3/20)

Grammar - Types of nouns (pg 5), Pronouns (pg 6-7) - (hand in date - 16/3/20)

Reading - pg 10-11 - Word meanings, summary and structure for The Baking Battle (hand in date - 17/3/20)


JOSO Collective Worship

English - The Journey - The children each brought a special item into school that they would take with them if they had to suddenly leave their home. We discussed how difficult this would be before writing free verse poems about a special item. We then attached our poems to our items and packed them ready for the journey!

English - The Journey - The children each drew their fondest memory before cutting up and then painting parts black. This was to help them empathise with the refugees in the story.

Whole Class Reading - Using a dictionary to locate the most appropriate meanings of new vocabulary.