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Spring Term

World Book Day Thursday 5th March 2020

Explorer Dome

Spring homework projects

The Water Cycle

We have been learning all about the Water Cycle in Elephants this term. In order to deepen our understanding we created our own models of the water cycle. We were each given a clear plastic bag and then we had to label the different parts of the water cycle. We added some water and then left them in the sun. We soon saw condensation forming at the tops of the bags, where the water had evaporated and turned into water vapour. It was fun to see our own models of the water cycle in action! 

Passport to the World - America!

This week the children have been learning all about the continent of America. We used maps and atlases to find all the states and linked these to the stars on the flag. We then created our own collages of the flags using tissue paper, this gave us the opportunity to experiment with textures and different materials. We also learnt about the history of America, making links between the Native Americans and the hunter gatherers of the Stone Age in Britain. We designed our own Native American headdresses, thinking carefully about the patterns and designs they might have used. As part of our D & T we also had a go at making New York style pretzels, which were very tasty!