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Spring Term

Mini Home Learning Project ideas

Music - Hands, Feet, Heart Performance

Science - What's inside a bulb

Hands, Feet, Heart - a song for children to celebrate

Music - Playing Hands, Feet, Heart on Glockenspiel

Polar Bears visited St. Sebastian's Church and baptised their teddy bears.

In maths we have been looking at measure including length and weight. Today we were exploring temperature using thermometers and we all had the chance to monitor and observe what happens when a liquid is hot or cold. We went on further to estimate and compare different temperatures and to read the scales carefully and accurately.
Really enjoyed having Carl in from Inspire + today. We learned about and had a go at Boccia - a sport very similar to bowls but more tricky than you think! The children did a great job today.
Brand new homework projects, Big Ben, two poems and a fact file on India. Super work! Looking forward to seeing some more soon.
We tried out our very own henna designs today - aren't they amazing!
We have really enjoyed learning about India this week and will continue with this as part of our Geography topic this term. We especially enjoyed our food tasting. Some enjoyed the food more than others but well done everyone for giving it a try.

Passport Around the World - India. Tasting Indian Food