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Polar Bears

Welcome to

Polar Bears Class.

Science Day on Monday 3rd June 2019. Polar Bears' creations of a marble's journey.

Gymnastic routines in PE

In science, we have started our topic on animals and their habitats. Our first few lessons were identifying and exploring things that are alive, things that are not alive and things that used to be alive. After some great discussions we managed to sort out all the objects correctly. Well done Year 2!


We all had a wonderful afternoon with Rob and Laura who bought in some amazingly wonderful animals for us to learn about, hold and face our fears with!

As part of our new topic about animals and their habitats, this was a great way to learn about a few new animals as well as seeing some old favourites. Ask your children about what they enjoyed the most. Even Mrs Copson faced her fears and held Charlotte the tarantula.

As part of our plants and growing topic, we all enjoyed a lovely day at Belton, exploring the gardens and looking at all the different spring flowers. This linked beautifully to our class novel 'The Secret Garden' which we have been reading in our english lessons as well as producing some super writing and some excellent art work. The afternoon was spent in the adventure playground being active, working together and having fun!

Exploring Belton

We spent this morning talking about friendship and what makes us special. We all wrote a positive and kind comment on each others 'heart' which we then could wear with pride knowing how special we are.

We are all special!

Happy New Year!

Passport to the World

During our first week back, we explored India. We used our geography skills to look at maps, globes and atlases as well as enjoying an indian afternoon and tasting some indian food, A wonderful week.

Drama in our English learning

In our english lessons, we have been focusing on reading. We have been reading a story from India called Lord Moon.

More information will be coming home soon about how you can support your child further in their reading not only concentrating on decoding and reading the words but exploring key vocabulary, predicting what might happen next, considering questions about the text and therefore becoming more effective readers. This will of course help with writing too.


Food and Fractions!!!

Today we started our work on fractions. We all managed to cut our cakes into halves and quarters although we all managed to eat a whole one!

Please practice at home with fractions including halves, quarters and 3/4 using food if you wish as well as with numbers.

Beautiful Bluebirds

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Related image

We would be hugely appreciative if any parents, carers, grandparents, family friends... would like to volunteer in school, particularly to hear children read. If you are interested then please come and speak to a member of our staff to arrange  a day and time that would suit you.

Warmest thanks.

Multiplication and Division

We've been working hard on multiplication and division over the last few weeks. As well as using different equipment and picture representations, we have also been exploring the inverse operations and commutitive law. 

Additional learning

Many of you requested some additional homework to support your children at home. Look out for the packs sent home today with some spellings, multiplication and division work. This is optional and can be done in your own time. A reminder also that reading every night has a huge impact on your child's learning and the log in for times tables rockstars is in the front of the reading diary. Your on going support is hugely appreciated. Thank you.

The robot and the Bluebird

Our text for this term has really engaged us into learning about recycling, how robots can be useful, producing some amazing writing and finding out about bluebirds.

Ask your children about the story so far and what they have been learning about.

Do they know what these words mean?






We are up leveling our vocabulary by reading and understanding what new words mean as well as using them in our own writing.

Homework Projects

Some fantastic projects came in on Friday from the new homework grid.

HUGE thanks to the children and also the grown ups that have been supporting and helping with the projects.

We've been exploring multiplication in maths this week, using a range of strategies to explore multiples of 2. We will then move on to 5's and 10's. Lots of our work has been practical and we have been trying not only to answer mathematical questions but to prove and explain how we have calculated the answer. There is some maths work in the book bags for half term if you would like to do some further learning on this at home.
In Science, we have been investigating and exploring materials. As well as sorting the materials into their different types, we've also looked at how materials are used for a range of different purpose and whether they can be changed, squashed, twisted or stretched. We will continue to explore different materials next term with a particular focus on recycling.


A wonderful day at Sundown.

As part of our topic, we were able to visit the Fairy Tale Village as well as enjoying, rides, exploring many different zones including interactive play not to mention lots of fun!


HUGE congratulations to all of the children that were awarded a Young Writers certificate yesterday (check the book bags!). This was from last term when the children wrote some mini stories which were then sent off to the Young Writers competition. Your child's entry will only be published in the book if you as parents/guardians give permission. The information is all enclosed in the envelope and you don't have to buy the book but PLEASE SEND OFF YOUR PERMISSION so that all of the wonderful stories will be published. School will receive one of the books which we will share with you all.

Well done to all the super start writers.

Homework Projects - Round 2!

Maths No Problem

Maths No problem

This week we've been exploring the value of numbers, counting on and back in tens from any given 2 digit number and we have been using these skills to add 2, 2 digit numbers together. We also moved onto subtraction this week, using the same skills and knowledge of number values to subtract a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number. On Friday we moved onto renaming the ones (we used to call this borrowing the ten!!!) We will continue working on this next week using a variety of strategies and resources.

Renaming the ones, have a go at the questions.

This year, the school council are hoping to get lots of you involved with the shoe box appeal organised by the Samaritan's Purse charity. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide some precious gifts for children that have nothing. The poster gives lots of information but for more details please visit the charity's website. 

Maths No problem lesson

Our Maths No Problem lessons started with place value and looking at what different numbers are worth depending on where they are placed, this is now helping us in our learning on addition. 

We have been exploring how to add 2 digit and 1 digit numbers and have now moved on to adding 2, 2 digit numbers. As well as using a variety of equipment, we are also exploring more formal methods like column addition.

Exploring fairy tale characters

In English, we have been exploring fairy tale characters. We had lots of great ideas when sharing ideas about the Three Little Pigs and we then used these ideas to do some amazing writing.

A HUGE thank you to those parents that joined us for our Active English session on Tuesday. These daily lessons are proving to have a big impact on the children's reading, writing and spelling. The 'active' part keeps everyone engaged and then we can practice applying these skills in our written work.




Come and see our taster session in Maths No Problem. Dates are on the calendar and you are warmly invited to see this new way of learning in action!

Designing our own hopscotch in PE

Author Visit

Polar Bear class were lucky enough this week to see and read a brand new book called 'Lost Words'. The Woodland Trust have enabled all schools in Lincolnshire to receive a free copy of this beautiful book which is a celebration of words that are becoming lost - words that are no longer familiar and used by our new generations of children.

Once we have shared it in school, you will be able to see it in the school entrance.

Our AMAZING homework projects 1

Tennis Coach

On Wednesday, we had a tennis session provided by one of the coaches at the Grantham Tennis Club. This was a great opportunity to try out some new skills and we all really enjoyed it. After the session, every child was given a leaflet about the tennis club and an opportunity to book in for three free taster session. A great chance to try out a new sport.

Our Writing Wall

The children have been working really hard on their writing. In school, we start each unit with an initial task, we then learn the skills required and finally produce a finished piece of writing where the skills will have been applied. Our display shows every child's first piece of finished writing and I was thrilled with how hard every single one of them worked. Our display will be updated every time we produce a new piece of writing.


Your child may have mentioned that we have a reading trail in our class. Every day when they read at home and have their journal signed by an adult, they can move their name along the trail. There are 10 pictures of well known authors on the trail and when they reach the last one, they receive a treat from 'The Magic Box'!