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Homework and Projects Autumn Term 2019

Below you will find a bingo grid with homework projects related to our Autumn Topic of ‘Stone Age to the Romans’ plus some additional tasks.

  • The children can choose to complete as many of the projects as they wish to. The recommended hand in would be every 2 weeks on a Friday, beginning Friday the 4th of October. The tasks have been designed to complement what the children are learning in school.
  • You can choose to complete the tasks in any order.
  • How you present the information/finished work is up to you, but it will be suitable for keeping in your project journal (A4). Those who choose to complete projects using various digital formats will need to print out their final versions so they can be added to their journals.  Electronic copies can be emailed to
  • The children may choose to complete their work using the various Purple Mash tools that are available through the website (Writing frames, painting, drawing etc)
  • Work needs to be well presented and of an Key Stage 2 standard.

Write a story for Reception Class 

Create a colourful poster of the Water Cycle

Choose 2 housework tasks at home that you have never done before (clothes washing, cooking a meal, cleaning the car etc).

Document your experience, explain how you did them, what were the tricky parts? Compare them, which was the best/worst? Include pics if possible.

Draw and Label a poster showing different Stone Age tools.

Sketch a scene of what a Stone Age

human may see as he looked out of

his cave in the morning.

Prepare an oral presentation for the class all about the life of somebody famous from history that the Class wouldn’t already know about.

Create a map of your local area, as to scale as possible, including a key and your house.

Find 5 words that you previously didn’t know and that you think no one else in the class will know either. Create an explanation sheet, with your best presentation detailing how to spell the word, what the word means and how you can use it in a sentence.

Keep a food diary for a week.

 Bonus Challenge: Record a video of a fitness workout to help children keep fit.