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Term 2

Homework Bingo Grid: Year 2

This term we will working on the force of Friction in Science.

Our Geography topic will be Continents, oceans and the UK.

In English we will be exploring ‘Traction Man’

Find out about Friction and design/make a poster

Design or draw a superhero of your choice – you could even make up your own.

Create a landscape from a continent Mountains, desert, ocean, rainforest…



Get creative with the world!

Put together a fact file on our world, a continent or an ocean.

Using an everyday item or object, create a character.




Please try to complete 3 projects before the Christmas holidays.

Term 1

Homework Bingo Grid: Year 2

This term we will working on materials and recycling in Science.

Our history topic will be The Great Fire of London.

In English we will be exploring 2 new texts: The Iron Man and The Robot and the Bluebird.

This will be our focus for this terms homework.

Make your own Iron Man

(or robot) using a range

of different materials.

Research Bluebirds

(or any birds)

and create a fact file.

To design (and make if you like) a bird feeder.

Draw, design or create a

Tudor style building from the

Great Fire of London.


Draw, create or make a bluebird.

Find out about recycling and create a poster.