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Home Learning

Good morning Polar Bears, hope you've had a lovely weekend.
Will meet 'live' today on GC at 1:30pm. Look forward to seeing you then.
I have put some maths and english work on the stream if you would like some for this week although totally understand if you are starting the summer holidays. It's there if you would like some.
Have a super week.
Mrs C xxx

W/B 13th July

Good Morning to my wonderful Polar Bears. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunshine. I absolutely love seeing what you've all been up too and so proud of your resilience after so many weeks at home. You really are super shining stars. This week in school, my 'bubble' group are having an art week. There's still some maths and english planned but every day we will be looking at a different artist, their style of art and trying it out for ourselves. Hope you enjoy the work this week although as always, you can be flexible in which bits you do and you may well like to look at different art styles then the ones I post. Will be meeting 'live' at 1:30pm to day for those of you who are able and again on Wednesday. Have a wonderful week. Mrs C xxx

Week Beginning Monday 6th July 2020

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a lovely week despite the rainy weather.

This week our theme is sport, can't wait to see what you've all been up to. 

Video clip this week:


P.E. Activities

Dance Festival - Strictly Home Dancing. Submit Entries from Monday 15th June 2020

60 Active Minutes A Day Initiative

Still image for this video

Collective Worship - Change!

As we come closer to the year end, we begin a couple of weeks looking at what lessons Moses and the Israelites can teach us about change.


W/B 29th June

Good morning everyone!
Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and managed not to get too wet in the rainy showers!!!
This week we are heading to the Wild West! Yeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa!
There's lots of work to explore although please use your own ideas too if it fits with the theme.
The clip this week is called Ruckus, I hope you enjoy it.

Some ideas to get you started:

Collective Worship - Fearfully and wonderfully made

This week we consider how amazing the human body and mind is and how we should respond to such a precious gift.

W/B 22nd June 


Hello Polar Bears, hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the sunshine. This weeks theme is... Magic! I really hope you are all better than me, I just can't seem to get any of my magic tricks to work!!!

There's some maths and other activities based around a story called 'The Magic Hat' which I thought you might enjoy.

Have a super week.

Mrs C xxx

Collective Worship - Food! Feeding the 5000

Join us as we enjoy some food, have a story about a picnic and ask why Jesus likened Himself to Bread!

W/B 15th June

Good Morning to all my lovely Polar Bears. Sorry I'm later in posting today, I got carried away in school with my class watching rockets launch into space!!!!! I hope you enjoy our space theme this week. I can't wait to see what you all get up to. There is some maths also including a fluency sheet for every day. Have a great week everyone.
Mrs C xxx
To get you started:

Collective Worship - Compassion - Blind Bartimaeus

This week we continue looking at the subject of compassion, this time through the meeting of Jesus with Blind Bartimaeus.

W/B 8th June 2020

Hello Polar Bears, hope you are all OK and have had a lovely weekend despite the rain. This week our theme is Meerkats which I'm sure you'll all enjoy. There's some maths also and purple mash. Remember you can let me know how you're doing on Google Classroom.

Take care and have a good week.

Mrs Copson x

Thought this may be a good opportunity to explore how 'all lives matter'. That we want equality, friendship and peace for all.

***This is a KS2 resource so please make sure you are happy to watch it with the children

Find out about Meerkats:

Science Week 2 (8.6.2020)

Collective Worship - Compassion: Feeling and helping

Mr Buckeridges Collective Worship during COVID-19. Today we explore how Jesus meeting with a leper shows us that compassion goes beyond simply feeling for someone, to actually doing something to help.

Summer Term 2


Welcome back everyone. Hope you've all had a lovely half term.

As lots of you know, school is now open for more children although sadly we can't get together in Year 2 just yet. I will be in school with the Key worker children from Monday 1st June but will continue to post work here and on Google Classroom. Try to keep positive, keep active and try to do a little work everyday to keep your brain healthy. I am really missing seeing all of your smiling faces and really hope that you are all well, enjoying the sunshine and spending precious time with your loved ones. Let me now how you're doing and I can't wait to see you soon.

Warmest wishes

Mrs C xxx

Maths Fluency

Watch this short clip and use it for the english pack this week.

Find out about lighthouses to create a piece of work. This could be written, creative, video... it's up to you!

Find out about Grace Darling and what she was famous for.

Have a lovely Half Term

Happy Half Term to all of you and what a few weeks it has been. Plans are in place to return to school on the 1st June for some of us but I will continue to post on here and on the website. I am missing you all so much yet am overwhelmingly proud of how amazing you have all been. You will never forget 2020 and despite the sadness and worry, there have been many moments of kindness, friendship and love which makes me so thankful. Have a lovely week. Warmest blessings, waves, smiles and cuddles from Mrs C x

A BIG hello to all of you.

Hope you've all had a lovely week/weekend, staying safe, keeping positive and spending time with your lovely families.

There's information coming out about schools reopening, although not for the Year 2 children just yet, therefore, I will continue to post learning activities here and on GC as well as using Purple Mash and BBC bitesize.

Sending you smiles and waves, Mrs Copson x




This term, the children will be learning a reggae style song called Zootime.

Collective Worship - Pentecost

A couple of weeks early but let's look at the events of Pentecost and see what they can teach us.

Compassion for All

This week, we briefly revisit the Good Samaritan among other things as we try to understand what our attitude should be towards those from other places.

Collective Worship - Equal? Galatians 3 v 28

Do we treat different people of having different worth? This week's CW explores the value God places on us all, no matter who we are, and how this should affect us in our own relationships.

Collective Worship - The Prodigal Son

Relationships are so important so how are things going in your house during lockdown? Jesus' parable about the prodigal son teaches us an important lesson.

Collective Worship - Good Samaritan

Mr Buckeridge's Collective Worship for Schools during COVID-19. Are you a good neighbour? What does being a neighbour mean? How does the story of the Good Samaritan help us. Sing, listen, reflect - then how to respond?


W/B 11th May

A big hello to everyone in Polar Bears Class.

I am missing you all lots but love to see and read about what you've been up to on Google Classroom.

Hope you've all had a lovely week and enjoyed celebrating VE day. Me and my girls had afternoon tea in the garden which was lovely.

Take care, stay safe,

Mrs Copson x

W/B 4th May

Hello to all of the polar bears.

Hope you've all had a lovely week and weekend.

It's been a bit cooler and cloudy but lots of you have kept me posted through Google classroom and purple mash at all the lovely things you have been up too.

This weeks work for english and maths are here and on GC. I look forward to hearing all about what you are getting up to this week.

Take care, stay safe,

Sending waves and a big smile.

Mrs C x

W/B 27th April 2020

Hello lovely polar bears,

Hope you are all OK.

Here is some home learning for this week, I've put the same onto GC too.

There's some maths, english and some ideas for creating a time capsule which I though you might enjoy.

Don't forget there's purple mash too.

Have a great week and remember you can get in touch with me on GC which I check every school day.

Google Classroom

Hello Polar Bears,

Hope you are all OK. I know that lots of you are working hard, having fun and enjoying the sunshine but I also know that lots of you are missing school and your friends. 

Try to keep positive and be the awesome children that you all are. Keep your brains and bodies active as best as you can but don't worry if it's tricky some days. You will not get behind in your learning.

Google Classroom is now up and running (I'm learning with you on this one!!!)

This is a great way to see what your classmates have been up to and to chat together and to me. It feels a little bit more like we are together!

I can see that a lot of you are already signed in but I will continue to post on the class page on the website too.

Keep smiling, you're doing great!

Mrs C x

Summer Term 

Hello my lovely Polar Bears!

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the Easter break. Usually we would be back at school and hearing all about the fun you've been having over the holidays. Hopefully it won't be too much longer until we can see everyone and find out what we've all been up too.

The sunshine has meant we can be outside and I'm sure you've been doing lots of fun activities and eating your Easter chocolate.

We are trying hard to get Google Classroom up and running which means you can share with me all you've been doing at home but in the meantime there are some activities here for you to have a look at and there's also purple mash.

Sending you all a wave and a big smile.

Mrs C x


English and Maths for Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April 2020
Have a wonderful Easter Break

Monday 6th April 2020

Hello Polar Bears, hope you are all OK.

As we are now into the Easter Holidays, there will be no more specific work set but for those who would like to keep going there is plenty still to do! Have a look at any of the activities you still haven't tried and there's also purple mash.

After the Easter break we will be setting up Google Classroom so look out for the information about that. In the meantime, have a wonderful Easter break, enjoy the sunshine, keep your mind and body active, cuddle those who are special to you, giggle and have fun.

Monday 30th March

Hello Polar Bears. Here's another week of learning opportunities. 

As well as keeping active, creative and having fun times, here's some maths and english to have a go at. Remember to do some reading and there is lots on purple mash too.


I've been seeing and hearing lots of beautiful birds in my garden as well as a few cheeky squirrels!!! My girls and I also saved a bumble bee yesterday. The bee looked very tired and could hardly move so we gave it some sugar water and after about half an hour it flew away - YIPEE!

Here's some reading comprehension about garden birds - give it a go!

Here's some more fraction work for you to have a go at.smiley

Try using some objects at home to help with your understanding and learning of fractions. A tea party for your teddies maybe?

Tuesday 24th March: Hello Polar Bears!

What a beautiful sunshine day! I've been setting some Purple mash 2do's for you to have a look at today. 

Hi Polar Bears, Here's some fractions work for you all to have a go at - think about all the work we have done on finding half and a quarter - this will help!

Monday: Good morning Polar Bears. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

While it seems rather strange to not be in school, try to do some Maths and English today and to read!

Enjoy the sunshine too!

I have sent home learning packs in paper copies should we close, plus there are additional sessions of learning and other ideas in this section if you require more.

Warmest thanks

Mrs Copson 

Some ideas for mini projects.

Literacy and Numeracy Activities for the Week 2 - Monday 30th March 2020

Literacy and Numeracy Activities for the Week 1 - Monday 23rd March 2020

Here are some of the daily maths fluency packs we do every day in school. Great practice for arithmetic.
Brand new, additional learning pack - a range of ideas to support your child's learning as well as some practical sessions and opportunities too.

Easter Story Part 1 - Palm Sunday

Mr Buckeridge's Easter Story in 4 parts.

Useful Websites