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Monday 13th July

Happy last full week of the school year.  This week we will be thinking about our time in Koalas and remembering all the happy times we have had as well as looking forward  to the year ahead.  For English this week I would like you to write a letter to Mrs Copson. Details are attached in the English section below to help you with this.  


The maths and English lessons for the week are also uploaded below. The phonics videos this week are also just below. Have a good week. 




Don't forget handwriting practice using the common exception words below as well as using the cursive letter formation powerpoint.

I hope you enjoy the content this week. Remember you can pick and mix the resources to suit you and your child.  

SCIENCE - Term 6 - Animals including Humans

SCIENCE Week 1 (1.6.2020)

Science Week 2 (8.6.2020)

Phonics Videos for week beginning 13th July

Monday Phonics Video

Today's lesson teaches the alternative pronunciation for s and si in words such as vision and measure.

Tuesday phonics video

Alternative pronunciation for ti in words such as motion and action.

Wednesday phonics video

Today's lesson teaches the alternative pronunciation for si and ssi in words such as tension and mission.

Thursday phonics video

Today's lesson teaches the alternative pronunciation for ci in words such as magician and social.

Friday phonics video

Today's lesson is a review lesson for the week.

Dinosaurs before dark Read Aloud - Magic Tree House # 1 - Chapter 1

Enjoy Chapter 1 from MTH # 1. A great chapter book to practice reading and listening skills. Where did the tree house come from?

How to Draw a Pterodactyl

Learn how to draw a cartoon pterodactyl with easy step by step instructions.

Ornithocheirus Facts - Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - CBeebies

CBeebies - Find out more about dinosaurs with Andy.

Practise reading and writing these words in red book.

Week beginning 13th July - Literacy and Numeracy Activities

Literacy - This week I would like the children to think about all the things they have done this year as well as thinking about what they are looking forward to. To do this on Monday they can fill in the 'My School Year Memory' sheet. I have included a file with a list of things we have done to help them with their memories. On Tuesday I would like the children to think about their own qualities using the 'I am an amazing person' sentence starters. They can also begin to fill in their 'For My New Teacher' booklet. On Wednesday they will then be ready to write a draft letter to Mrs Copson. I have included a powerpoint relevant for year 1s for writing informal letters and some letter writing templates. On Thursday they should then be ready to write up their letters to Mrs Copson and if time draw a picture of themselves or of an activity that they enjoy. In school on Friday they are going to be writing dinosaur stories with Mrs Liversidge as we have done lots of research into dinosaurs this term. If the children would like to have a go at writing a story on Friday I'd love to see what they come up with (it doesn't have to be dinosaur based !). I will include a story writing plan in the documents below. If time allows during the week you don't have to leave this until Friday. It can be done a little bit at a time over the week.

Numeracy - This week's maths has a focus on playing games and investigating - perfect as we wind down to the end of term. On Monday we will start by recognising odd and even numbers followed on Tuesday by counting up in 3s and finding patterns. On Wednesday we will investigate the number of legs on groups of animals and finding different ways of making the number 12. Thursday is a game of pairs for practising number bonds to 10, 20 or 100. Friday is another Noah's ark investigation using jumps along a number line.


In computing this term we would have been starting to do coding. I have set a 2do on Purple Mash that is a great introduction to block coding called Fun with Fish. If the children get on well with this there is an extra coding activity called Snail Race. 

It would be great if the children have a go at these activities. All is explained in the videos within the activity. For each challenge the children will watch a video that explains what they need to do.  If anyone is having trouble accessing Purple Mash please contact school via email and we will advise how to solve any problems. 



To continue our Grantham's Got Talent topic I would like you to find out about someone famous who came from Grantham. Her name was Margaret Thatcher. There are links to Ducksters website page about her and a Newsround video below. There is also a powerpoint attached. 

Can you write a list of what Margaret Thatcher is famous for? 



P.E. Activities

Dance Festival - Strictly Home Dancing. Submit Entries from Monday 15th June 2020

60 Active Minutes A Day Initiative

Still image for this video

Your Imagination Song


PSHE - Feelings and Emotions

To continue with our topic on feelings in PSHE here are a selection of videos by BBC Teach. They are made in a very child friendly way to help them understand their own emotions and how to best deal with them. There are quite a few different ones to look at so I would suggest spreading them out over the next couple of weeks. If possible it would be best if you can watch them with your child and discuss the feelings that they cover. 

Collective Worship

Mr Buckeridge's Collective Worship videos during COVID-19 Lockdown.


Collective Worship - Change!

As we come closer to the year end, we begin a couple of weeks looking at what lessons Moses and the Israelites can teach us about change.

Collective Worship - Fearfully and wonderfully made

Mr This week we consider how amazing the human body and mind is and how we should respond to such a precious gift.

Food! Feeding the 5000

Join us as we enjoy some food, have a story about a picnic and ask why Jesus likened Himself to Bread!

Collective Worship - Compassion - Blind Bartimaeus

This week we continue looking at the subject of compassion, this time through the meeting of Jesus with Blind Bartimaeus.

Collective Worship - Compassion: Feeling and helping

Mr Buckeridges Collective Worship during COVID-19. Today we explore how Jesus meeting with a leper shows us that compassion goes beyond simply feeling for someone, to actually doing something to help.

Collective Worship - Pentecost

A couple of weeks early but let's look at the events of Pentecost and see what they can teach us.

Compassion for All

This week, we briefly revisit the Good Samaritan among other things as we try to understand what our attitude should be towards those from other places.

Collective Worship - The Prodigal Son

Relationships are so important so how are things going in your house during lockdown? Jesus' parable about the prodigal son teaches us an important lesson.

Collective Worship - Good Samaritan

Mr Buckeridge's Collective Worship for Schools during COVID-19. Are you a good neighbour? What does being a neighbour mean? How does the story of the Good Samaritan help us. Sing, listen, reflect - then how to respond?


Easter Story - Part 1 Palm Sunday

Mr Buckeridge's Easter Story parts 1 - 4.

Useful Websites
To find an appropriate book for you child choose age 4-5 and the level Letters and Sounds phase 3 or choose age 5-6 and the level Letters and Sounds phase 4 or phase 5. 
Keep checking the 2dos on Purple Mash. I will look at all work that is handed in and respond to your child on their achievements.