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Home Learning

Wednesday 1st April,

Hello Koalas. Today's phonics videos are now available (/or/ for set 2 and /are/ as in care for set 3). White Rose Maths lesson 2 today is counting in tens. What can you find in your house that you could count up in tens? Can you make your own ten frames? Practise writing out your numbers to 100 (making sure all the numbers are the right way round!). 


Tuesday 31st March,

Good morning. Look out for today's phonics videos (/ar/  for set 2 and /aw/ for set 3). I have also put a link under the useful websites section for White Rose Maths home learning. On this site you will find a video lesson and worksheet to try. The first one is about capacity. This could incorporate children finding out for themselves about capacity of cups and jugs that you have at home. Can they order each jug, pan, cup etc they find into order from smallest to greatest (might be an idea to do this in the garden to avoid spillages inside !!). Have fun !

Monday 30th March,

Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Look out for today's phonics videos /oo/ as in look on set 2 and u_e as in June on set 3. There is a new spelling quiz on Purple Mash and lots of activities below for writing and maths.  If you have lego at home can you make towers of ten with the blocks and use these to help you with maths? 


Thursday 26th March,

Good morning ! Have you seen the link to phonics videos? Please do not use the set 1 video as this is not teaching letter formation in the same way that we do and will confuse the children.  

Today's videos focus on /ow/ as in snow (set 2) and /i_e/ as in shine (set 3).  

When the teacher says Fred Talk it is the same as us sound talking a word. She refers to Special Friends and our children will know these as digraphs, split digraphs or trigraphs (2 or 3 letters that go together to make one sound).  After phonics is a great time to practise writing. Keep it up everyone !

Mrs McKee




Dear Parents and Carers,

Here is an overview of tasks we’d like children to complete at home over the coming weeks. We are committed to making sure that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our best to keep this happening.


I will add ideas for you to use at home with your children regularly on this part of the website. Please keep checking here for new resources. 


Daily Phonics !

It would be fantastic if the children can maintain their phonics progress by using the phonics games on the weblinks below (phonics play have provided a free login for parents which allows access to all the games). They will recognise the games from phonics play and I showed them the games on phonics tracker last week. 

The children have been taught all the phonemes up to and including phase 5. They are currently investigating alternative spellings (see free games on phonics play) and have recently covered /ai/ /ee/ /igh/.  Revisiting these with your children would be very useful as they are used to revisiting an aspect of phonics every day at school as well as learning new skills.  I have also included a link to online phonics books. You will need to create a login but it is free and easy to use. Thank you for your support in this crucial aspect of their learning. 

If you want to continue phonics lessons with your child, subscribe and turn on the notifications to never miss a daily Read Write Inc. Phonics lesson. There are phonics videos uploaded daily.

Week Two common exception words. Practise reading and writing these words in red book.

Week Two common exception words. Practise reading and writing these words in red book.  1

Week 2 beginning 30th March 2020 - Literacy and Numeracy Activities

Week 1 beginning Monday 23rd March 2020 - Literacy and Numeracy Activities

Useful Websites
To find an appropriate book for you child choose age 4-5 and the level Letters and Sounds phase 3 or choose age 5-6 and the level Letters and Sounds phase 4 or phase 5. 
Keep checking the 2dos on Purple Mash. I will look at all work that is handed in and respond to your child on their achievements.