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Home Learning

A Message from the Children in Panda Class to the Staff of EYFS - April 2020

Coronavirus back to school story


EYFS Home Learning – Monday 13th July 


Dear Parents, 


This is our last home learning letter before the summer holidays. Thank you for joining in and showing us your lovely and inspiring work. Please add any work you have been doing this week on to tapestry. 

Please also for this week, continue to use the Letters and Sounds or Mr Mc’s phonics lessons daily on YouTube. It really has been great to see you joining in and practising.

Some of you are using the Hamilton Trust English ideas so we will continue to add the next week on to the class page on the school website each week.  Please keep supporting your child to read their reading books or online books and look out for words they recognise and help them to sound out and blend words and unfamiliar words. We have added two links for you to access online phonic e-books.

For Maths this week we have added the Hamilton Trust Week 11 Maths ideas which you can find on our class page of the school website. We are also watching Number blocks and discussing doubling and halving. Please continue to use your child’s number pack to read and order the numbers to 20, practise counting orally in 1s to 20 (or 30 if they are confident) and 2’s to 30 and back. There are counting songs on YouTube which the children may enjoy joining in with.

This week our topic will be ‘Transitions’. We will be talking about our amazing year in the panda class, our favourite moments and the things we have enjoyed doing the most. We will be writing to Mrs. Mckee and telling her all about ourselves, such as who our friends are and what we are good at. Please feel free to put something on tapestry so we can send it to Mrs. Mckee.

We have added a variety of activities for you to try at home but remember follow your child’s interests where you can and have fun. English, Foundation, Maths and P.E. lessons for Reception children are also available from the Oak National Academy if you are looking for virtual lessons this week and can be found using the following link.

Please be in touch if you need any more support and do continue to take care.

Kind regards

Miss MacDonald


Scissor skills

Early Learning Goals

Here are some Home Learning Activities from the Hamilton Trust to give you some more ideas of what you may wish to do with your child.

Additional ideas for home learning in the case of either self-isolation or school closure.


P.E. Activities

Dance Festival - Strictly Home Dancing. Submit Entries from Monday 15th June 2020

60 Active Minutes A Day Initiative

Still image for this video

Collective Worship - Change!

As we come closer to the year end, we begin a couple of weeks looking at what lessons Moses and the Israelites can teach us about change.

Collective Worship - Fearfully and wonderfully made

This week we consider how amazing the human body and mind is and how we should respond to such a precious gift.

Collective Worship - Food! Feeding the 5000

Join us as we enjoy some food, have a story about a picnic and ask why Jesus likened Himself to Bread!

Collective Worship - Compassion - Blind Bartimaeus

This week we continue looking at the subject of compassion, this time through the meeting of Jesus with Blind Bartimaeus.

Collective Worship - Compassion: Feeling and helping

This week, we explore how Jesus meeting with a leper shows us that compassion goes beyond simply feeling for someone, to actually doing something to help.

Collective Worship - Pentecost

A couple of weeks early but let's look at the events of Pentecost and see what they can teach us.

Collective Worship - Compassion for All

This week, we briefly revisit the Good Samaritan among other things as we try to understand what our attitude should be towards those from other places.

Collective Worship - Equal? Galatians 3 v 28

Do we treat different people of having different worth? This week's CW explores the value God places on us all, no matter who we are, and how this should affect us in our own relationships.

Collective Worship - The Prodigal Son

Relationships are so important so how are things going in your house during lockdown? Jesus' parable about the prodigal son teaches us an important lesson.

Collective Worship - Good Samaritan

Mr Buckeridge's Collective Worship for Schools during COVID-19. Are you a good neighbour? What does being a neighbour mean? How does the story of the Good Samaritan help us. Sing, listen, reflect - then how to respond?


The Easter Story Part 1 - Palm Sunday

Mr Buckeridge's Easter Story for school's Collective Worship

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