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Inspire + Mass Participation Event

Mayfly - visit to the Sump June 2019

Creswell Crags Recounts

Homework and Projects Summer term 2019


Well done everyone for the fantastic projects that you brought in last term and the beginning of this term. Here is a new bingo grid with homework projects related to our prehistory topic of The Stone Age and science topic of Rocks. You can choose to complete the tasks in any order. The first piece of homework should be brought in by Friday 12th May.

  • How you present the information/finished work is up to you, but it will be suitable for keeping in your project journal (A4). Those who choose to complete projects using various digital formats will need to print out their final versions so they can be added to their journals. 
  • Work needs to be well presented and of a Key Stage 2 standard.



Get creative : Make a collage out of pictures of rocks or pebbles. You could create a picture out of rocks and natural materials and take a photograph of your creation to bring in to school.


Research the types of stones used by the people of the Stone Age. Explain what they were used for.    

Stone Age people could not pop to the shop for food. Everything they ate had to be caught or collected.

Write your own recipe for a stone age dinner using the sort of ingredients that would be available to them.

Write a short poem about the Stone Age (eg an acrostic poem or kenning etc).

Investigate which rocks we use in our modern lives. Make a list of natural and man-made rocks that are used in your home or at school.

Design and make an ancient stone circle or a replica of Stonehenge. Be

creative in the way you make your stone circle.

Write a quiz about the Stone Age (don’t forget to include the answers!).

Write a list of questions you would like to ask a Stone Age person.



Helpful websites:

Science Day - Journeys


So far this term we have continued our work on decimals. The children can now write numbers with two decimal places and explain what each digit represents. 

For example: The number  12.15 can be written as 12 15/100 (twelve and fifteen hundredths). 


Continuing to practice real life maths at home will help them consolidate the work that they do at school. For example they could count the money needed when out shopping or tell you what change you should get back? Keep asking them to tell the time using the hands of a clock and to work out how long it is until a certain time (eg. how long is it until 8.30am? How long did that task take us?)  Regular practice with this will improve their confidence. 


Please keep using Times Table Rockstars at home to encourage fun learning of times tables. 




Please continue to ensure that the children read for at least 10 minutes every day and record what they have read in their reading records. Asking the children about what they have read will also help them with their comprehension. Questions such as 'How do you think the character is feeling?' or 'What do you think will happen next in the story?' will ensure they are understanding what they are reading. You can extend this by asking them which words or sentences explain their answers. 


Children need to keep practising the spellings at home that are towards the back of the reading records. When writing in school, the children have been told to ‘have a go’ at tricky words and to underline them if they are unsure of spelling. I will then let them know if they have spelled these words correctly and will give them the correct spelling if not. This is to help the flow of writing but at the same time encourage self checking.



The year 4s will join the year 3s for the afternoon every day. Our main topic this term is The Stone Age. To support this we will be visiting Cresswell Crags on the 14th May. The science topic of Rocks and Soils will also link to our main topic. In RE we will be appreciating our wonderful world and discussing creation. 

PE will be on Tuesday afternoons as a double session with Mrs Burton and Mr White. 

This week in PSHE the children have been learning about money and how to budget by prioritising between needs and wants.

Our poems

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The children worked in groups to prepare and perform a poem about the contrast between the old man's dream and hi reality.


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Creating our class board of a wide windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten ...

Class trip to The Collection