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Class 5 - Year 5/6

Welcome to Class 5 

Letter to Parent/Carers of Current Year 5s - Secondary School Transfer Sept 2018

Summer Term 2016 - 2017

Weekly Spellings - to be tested on Wednesday 28th June 2017

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) St. Sebastian's - Wednesday 5th July 2017

The Deep, Hull - Friday 30th June 2017

Bikeability 26th - 27th June 2017

Kwik Cricket Tournament 15th June 2017

The National Videogame Arcade (NVA), Nottingham - 18th May 2017

Modern Foreign Language - French. Years 5&6 read a story in french to the Years 3&4 and then reread it in english after translation..

Spring Term 2016 - 2017

Spring Term 2017 Newsletter

Class 5's Recycled Art Projects

Topic: Earth Matters - Volcanoes. Class 5 had to plan and perform an erupting volcano through dance, music and commentary in the style of Mr D Attenborough.

Science - Light. Rear View Mirror Challenge and Shadow Investigation

Challenge to see behind  as walking
Thinking about the angle the mirror has to be
Can he see the person behind him?
Cutting shadow silhouettes out
Cutting shadow silhouettes out
Investigating how long a shadow is cast
Carefully measuring the shadow cast
Investigating shadows cast

Topic - Earth Matters

Used play dough to make the Earth's layers
Earth cut in half to show the layers.
Labels - inner & outer core, mantle and the crust.

R.E - Cross-Curriculum Writing February 2017

Autumn Term 2016 - 2017

Art - Making Ancient Greek Coins

History - Ancient Greek Radio Shows

Ancient Greek Myth Busters Radio Show

Ancient Greek Myth Busters Radio Show

Ancient Greek Radio Show - Myth Busters

Myth Busters from Ancient Greek Radio Show

Myth Hour from Ancient Greek Radio Show

Myth Busters Radio Show from the Ancient Greeks

Tuesday, 13th September 2016 - making clay Grecian pots