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Class 1 - Foundation Stage

Welcome to the 2016-17 Foundation Stage web page.  Please take a moment to look at our plan for the year ahead which you will find below.  Whilst there are lots of exciting topics, themes and events to explore we will also be guided by the interests of our pupils.  For example what might start off as a topic on space could lead to investigating journeys, adventures, pirates, discovery and so on!  Foundation is very much led by the interests of the children in an environment that aims to challenge, innovate and inspire their own unique and individual personalities and learning styles.  

Ten million minutes of reading!

Class 1 are reading everywhere and enjoying sharing their books with their friends.

Tesco's Bags of Help - Developing the outdoor garden

In January 2017, Class 1 was awarded a much needed and welcome grant of £2000 to develop our outdoor provision to create a garden in which the children could work, learn and play. The school were keen to ensure that the children had ownership of the project so have been involved in all areas of the planning and setting out.  The project will be ongoing and to ensure that we get it just right the plan is to develop the area slowly over a period of time.......

February - one ton of soil is delivered and the potatoes are in! March sees the delivery of lots of essential garden equipment and by April we are set to sow. The bulbs set in autumn look amazing and the children wait expectantly for our pond to greet its first visitor.


A crisp, frosty winter's day was the perfect opportunity for children to explore the seasonal changes to the environment.  Children enjoyed breaking ice puddles, scraping the ice from surfaces, crunching through frozen grass, watching their breath in the cold air and walking and talking with their friends on our village walk.  The changes to the environment also created opportunities for our children to consider how the weather might affect native birds and the local wildlife and what we could do as a class to help them.


Christmas is always a very exciting time in Class 1 as children demonstrate their own understanding of this very special Christian festival and join in the life and traditions that we enjoy in the school. 

Creating their own Advent Calendar

Baking delicious ginger bread biscuits

Outdoor Learning


At Saint Sebastian's we are very lucky to have a wonderful outdoor provision which children love to use for all aspects of their learning and in all types of weather.  Children can independently create their own assault courses, narrative stories and props, explore nature in our pond, herb garden and planters, put on a show on our simple stage or just simply relax with a book throughout the day. The outdoor area provides lots of opportunities for children to extend and consolidate their learning and creates a wonderful insight into how the children understand and experience the world around them.

Outdoor opportunities

Festivals and Traditions ​

Autumn is always a very exciting time in Foundation Stage as children observe the changing of the season and its impact on the environment.  They also begin to develop their understanding of the larger world through the festivals and traditions at home and abroad during this time of year.

Bonfire Night Poetry - written by Class 1 using our senses

Bonfire Night ​



Using the topic of Bonfire Night the children considered how each of their 'senses' experiences the world around them and using those experiences worked together as a class to agree on the best ideas for a class poem.  Children then experimented with rhyming words and with a little adult support a poem was soon created.  Children created their own actions and finally performed the poem for the children in Class 2 and adults in school. ​



Children have been developing their understanding of the world and different cultures and traditions in our topic on the Hindu festival of Diwali.  Using video, books, art and music children have explored how people are similar and how they are different.  We have learnt that some children may dress, look, speak and learn differently and enjoy festivals and traditions which are different to our own.  Children have also considered the ways in which people are similar.  We have talked about how people feel and the importance of values what ever culture we may belong to. 

Diwali art work

​Belton House Educational Visit 2016

On Tuesday 18th October, children from Class 1 visited Belton Park to look for seasonal changes in the environment as part of our Autumn topic.  Children investigated the changes that were taking place in the weather, in the plants and to the wildlife.  They collected a variety of leaves, seeds, nuts and berries and used them to create their own autumn tree back at school.  After our investigations around the park we had lunch in the stables then enjoyed an energetic afternoon exploring the maze, taking on the challenges of the adventure play park and finally a train ride before heading back to school.  The children turned out to be excellent nature detectives and demonstrated some excellent listening behaviours.  Well done Class 1, what a wonderful day. 

Support for Reading