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Autumn Term

ROMANS - The Collection Museum visit Thursday 28th November 2019

The children visited The Collection museum in Lincoln on Thursday 28th November. The day featured a variety of Roman workshops for the children, including an artefact dig, trying out for the Roman army, a museum tour and an opportunity to make our own Roman shields. 

Heritage Lincolnshire Stone Age workshops

The children enjoyed a workshop morning with Heritage Lincolnshire, in which they learnt what being an archaeologist involved. The morning started with a group exercise involving identifying different stones and the tools they would have been used for. The children then got very messy by dissecting coprolite (pretend human faeces!). They were searching for bones, shells and seeds, which told them whether it had come from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic or Neolithic era. The children then had fun carving their own Stone Age inspired tools out of soap, making sure they focused on the detail.

In Design and Technology this term the children have been designing their very own Stone Age inspired tools and weapons. They had to research tools and the materials that they would have been available to them, before writing a step by step plan for their tool or weapon. They then tested out their design by making paper prototypes, to see if they needed any improvements. Once they were happy with their design they used clay, sticks and string to create their tool or weapon. We had some wonderfully creative designs!

The children have produced some fantastic homework so far this term, based on our topic Super Settlements. 

The children in Year 5 are learning all about the life cycles of living things in Science this half term. This week they were investigating how plants reproduce by dissecting Geraniums. As we dissected our flowers we looked closely at each part and described what role it plays in reproduction. We then took cuttings from the plant, to investigate Asexual reproduction, in which there is one single parent plant which produces an identical offspring. We will be monitoring our cuttings closely over the coming weeks to watch the germination take place.