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Autumn Term

As part of our DT this term we are doing some food technology. As it's coming up to Christmas, we thought we would make gingerbread. However, it was important to trial and taste some examples first so that we can make sure we have the perfect recipe. After tasting several varieties, we scored them and now know how much ginger we would like in our own gingerbread. We also designed our own gingerbread men (or reindeer) ready for the actual making (and eating) next week.

We've been reading the story of Traction Man in class - a comic style book about a superhero who goes on lots of wonderful adventures. We completed our topic by having our superhero day.

Don't they all look amazing?

As well as the fabulous costumes, we made extra shields, masks and designed our own superhero characters. A great way to end a topic and such fun. Well done Polar Bears.

We are all Superheroes!!!

More fantastic homework projects!

Polar Bear class you are awesome!!!

Who can pick jelly up with chopsticks???

Another fun (and quite tricky) experiment to look at Friction.

More brilliant homework projects - keep them coming!!!

Maths and Science.

In Science, we have been investigating the force of Friction. We did an experiment call ed the 2p shove to test different surfaces and the friction each used for the 2p coin to move (or not!)

This linked brilliantly with our maths work on measure using M and CM.

We have love reading 'Traction Man' this term and especially enjoyed the comic style text and using our imagination. We have written our own comic style stories, created our own 'Traction Man' characters and really enjoyed using our own imaginations to use everyday objects in an interactive story of our own.
As well as our school Remembrance service, our class went to look round St Sebastian's Church. We explored the War Memorial and the graves in the churchyard as well as looking inside and reflecting on why remembrance is still so important.

Belton House

We've had such a fun day of puddle jumping, squirrel watching, leaf collecting, bird spotting and enjoying beautiful Belton in all it's autumn glory. What a super day!

We experimented with different types of materials and whether we could twist, bend, squash or stretch them.

Year 2 Music

Playing the Glockenspiel by learning the note C, 4 beats to a bar and when to rest. Learning is focussed around exploring and developing playing skills through the glockenspiel.

Anyone for tennis?

This afternoon we were lucky enough to have a tennis coach visit us. We really enjoyed learning some new skills and had lots of fun. The children have all been given a flyer encase you would like to give tennis lessons a try at the tennis club.

Foodbank donations

After a wonderful assembly from one of the volunteers from Grantham Foodbank, the children in Year 2 helped to collect the donations from church and load them into cars ready for delivery.

What an amazing bunch!

Strong muscles too!!!

More super homework projects.

Well done everyone, we're really enjoying seeing them.

Reading Time!

We have all been enjoying books and went up to explore our school library. Some children asked to take their books home to share with you while others have kept them in school. We will try to regularly change them so that you can enjoy all sorts of different books together at home.

We're going on a materials hunt!

As part of our Science, we have been exploring different materials and their uses. Today we went on a materials hunt to find out what different materials are used in and around our school.

Maybe have a look around your home to see what different kinds of materials you can find.

Art: toning and tinting

We have been developing our painting skills by using a technique called tinting and toning. We practiced using a few different colours and then creating a shade chart as we added more white paint. Don't they look great?

Well done all of you.

Homework Projects are arriving and they are amazing!!! We seem to have a whole new class of robots as well as a robot cat! You are all obviously working very hard and enjoying being creative. Keep them coming in.

We love to share them together.