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EYFS Open Morning for Reception 2019

School Improvement Plan for Parents

The Demanding Generation - Dr Aric Sigman

School Uniform

This is available to purchase directly from the supplier following the link below:


Navy blue sweatshirt

Navy blue sweatshirt cardigan

Royal blue polo shirt

Royal blue baseball cap (for summer)

Navy Fleece with Logo (Optional)

Navy Reversible Jacket with Logo (Optional)

Royal Blue Book bag


In addition, boys should wear charcoal grey trousers and girls charcoal grey skirts, trousers or pinafore dresses.  During the summer months, girls may wear blue and white gingham dresses as an alternative.


White, grey or black socks

Grey or black tights (girls)

Black, low heeled shoes (not trainers).


PE & Games

Black or navy shorts

Royal blue T-shirt

Children need plimsolls for indoor PE and trainers for outside games.


Please note: football boots, shin pads and football kits will only be required for lunchtime or after-school practices and matches.


Please note that all hair needs to be tied back during PE – See School PE Policy.


Swimming (Key Stage 2 only)

Children require swimsuit/trunks, swim cap (available from the Leisure Centre) and a towel.


Attendance, Punctuality and Absence


Attendance figures for 2014-2015 were 96% which is slightly above the national expectations and Ofsted requirements. We are proud of our attendance rates at St Sebastian’s and recognise the crucial role parents/carers play in ensuring these stay high.



Parents not only have a responsibility to make sure that their children attend school regularly, but also that children arrive at school on time, properly dressed, and in a fit state to benefit from the education which is offered to them.

It is helpful if parents/carers see themselves as working in partnership with school in obtaining the best education for their children. They can do this by simply reinforcing our key principles of teaching children to value education, to complete homework on time and to obey the rules of the school!



Parents/carers should ensure that their child arrives at school in time to be marked present in the register. The school gates are opened at 8.45am with the whistle to mark the start of the school day going at 8.55am to ensure children are in class for a prompt 9.00am registration.

If a child does arrive late, an explanation should be given to the school office by the parent/carer, either face-to-face or by telephone. If the child arrives very late without good reason and after the register has closed, then he/she will not be entitled to be marked present for that session and the absence would be classed as unauthorised.

It is important that children arrive at school in good time because it can be disruptive not only for the individual child but for the whole class. In our school, literacy and numeracy lessons are held at the beginning of the school day. Regular lateness can mean that teaching input and important key learning opportunities are missed. It is recognised that on occasions there may be genuine reasons for lateness such as public transport difficulties. If there is a particular reason for a child's lateness, parents should discuss this with the school staff or the Education Welfare Officer, who may be able to assist with any difficulties.


Absence From School

If your child is absent from school, parents/carers must inform school of the reason by no later than 9.30am on the first day of absence, again by telephone or face-to-face message with the school office. Children should only be kept away from school for reasons of personal illness, or other  exceptional circumstances.

If parents/carers keep a child away from school for other reasons and attendance drops below the government target of 95% then action could be taken against them by the Local Education Authority. It is not reasonable for parents/carers to keep their child off school to go shopping, minding the house, waiting for workmen etc. Following a change in legislation in 2013, holidays are no longer permissible during term time. Should your child’s attendance fall below 90% (for any reason) then consideration will be made in referring known absence for holidays to the local authority for a fixed-penalty notice: the amounts stated on the penalty notices will increase from £50 to £60 for those who pay within 28 days; and from £100 to £120 for those who pay within 42 days.


It goes without saying that any absence, for whatever reason, is detrimental to your child's educational progress and regular and punctual attendance should be a priority for all parents/carers.